Calculated Properties

Calculated properties are used to create a single value based on a user-defined formula derived from the values of internal or custom properties. This value is then put into a labelled range called a classification. The goal of a calculated property is to be able to view the classification Name in grids. The value of a calculated property is shown everywhere where the values of custom properties are shown (Document view, for example). Calculated properties can also be used in filters and quality goals like other internal or custom requirement properties.

Every calculated property has a default classification without a lower bound. All other classifications must have a lower bound. The classification allows you to set a name and range for the value of the calculated property. The name of the classification is how the value will display in the grids. If one or more property values used in the formula are not set, or evaluating the formula on a particular requirement fails (for example, division by zero), --- will appear as the value of the calculated property.

You can use any internal or custom property from within a project in the formula for a calculated property. The internal or custom property must be of type Number, Text, or List with single selection. You can use the following operators in the formula: + - * / ()

Restriction: You can have up to five calculated properties per project. Calculated properties cannot be used within other calculated properties.