Importing Groups from LDAP Servers

Import groups from LDAP servers and have your Silk Central users be created automatically.
Before you can import groups from LDAP servers, an LDAP server must be configured. For detailed information, see Adding LDAP Servers.
To import LDAP groups and their associated users into Silk Central:
  1. In the menu, click Administration > User Management.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
  3. Click Import LDAP Group. The Import LDAP Group dialog box appears.
  4. If your LDAP server configuration has been set up to use a domain, select an LDAP Domain if the imported users should log in to Silk Central with the pattern <domain>\<username>. Select the default domain if the imported users should log in to Silk Central without entering a domain name.
  5. Select the LDAP Group that you want to import.
  6. Select the Silk Central Default Role. All users of the selected LDAP Group will be set up with this role.
  7. Click OK.
After importing a group from LDAP, it is recommended to check the group's settings, specifically the project assignments. Note that no users can be assigned to or removed from an imported LDAP group, as this assignment is strictly handled through the LDAP server. However, you can modify the individual user's roles.
Tip: It may be useful to assign the role Role Assignment Manager to one or more users of the group. Role Assignment Managers have the sole permission to assign/unassign roles to/from existing users of a group, and only roles that they themselves are assigned to. They cannot add or remove members from a group, and they can only change role assignments within groups in which they themselves are defined as Role Assignment Manager.

All groups that were imported from LDAP servers are scheduled to be updated automatically. For detailed information on changing or deactivating this schedule, see Scheduling Automatic LDAP Group Synchronization.