Scheduling Automatic LDAP Group Synchronization

If you have imported user groups from LDAP servers in your Silk Central system, you can specify a schedule to automatically synchronize your Silk Central groups with changes that were made on the LDAP servers.
To define a schedule for synchronizing Silk Central groups with changes that were made on the LDAP servers:
  1. On the Instance Administration page, stop the application server of the instance that you want to modify.
  2. Open the SccAppServerBootConf.xml file with a text editor.
    The default path for this file is C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Central 20.0\instance_<instance number>_<instance name>\Conf\AppServer on the application server.
  3. Locate the LdapUpdate XML tag. You can modify the following settings:
    Timestamp (hh:mm, 24h clock) when the data from LDAP is updated the first time. ScheduledTime is interpreted with the timezone of the application server system environment. Leave this setting empty to disable automatic synchronization.
    This interval (in minutes) specifies how often LDAP groups and users are synchronized, starting relatively from ScheduledTime. Minimum value is 1.
  4. Save and close the XML file.
  5. Restart the application server.