License Handling

Silk Central provides different types of licenses.

Per-User Licenses

These licenses are checked out from the license server as soon as a user enters a certain area of Silk Central:

License Type Area
Test Manager This license is checked out when you access a test management area for the first time after your login. Silk Central test management areas are: Requirements, Tests, Execution Planning, Tracking, Issues (excluding the Issue Manager area), and Reports.
Manual Testing This license is checked out when you open the Manual Testing window. A Manual Testing license is checked out when a test is downloaded for offline execution. The license is checked back in when results are uploaded.
Issue Tracking This license is checked out when you access Issue Manager.
Note the following:
  • When you click Log out (User > Log out), the licenses are checked in to the license server again, except checked out manual testing licenses for offline testing.
  • If you do not log out (and just close the browser window), the license will only be checked in when the session expires.

The About page (Help > About) displays how many licenses are currently used and how many licenses are available for the client you are currently logged in to.

Site Licenses

These licenses enable a specific feature set for all users, without limitations:

License Type Area
Mobile Testing This license enables testing on mobile devices (physical devices, emulators and simulators) for manual, automated, and configuration testing.