Clients are distinct units within a Silk Central instance. A client can for example be a customer or a division within a company. Clients enhance security, but in contrast to instances, they share the same database and Silk Central services.

The System Administration area allows you to generate clients. You can configure various client settings which will affect the projects that are assigned to that client. From the total pool of available licenses, you can specify the maximum limit of licenses that can be used per client. You can only access the data of a client if you are logged in to that client. Within a client, all assets are then accessible across the projects.

When you install Silk Central, a default client is created automatically. When you upgrade Silk Central from an older version, all existing projects and users are assigned to this default client. A Super User is created for each client. For more information, see Super User . You can delete all clients, but you need at least one client to be able to create projects and users and to work with Silk Central.