Default Client

When you install Silk Central, a client (with the name Default) is created automatically and the status of this client is set to default. To define which client has the default status, log in to Silk Central as System Administrator and click Clients. For more information, see System Administrator.

To set a client as default, click Set as Default. To unset the default status, click Unset Default. The icon shows, which client is currently the default client. It is also possible that there is no default client defined, but only one client at a time can have the default status.

The purpose of the default client is to simplify the login: When you login to Silk Central with a user of the default client, you can omit the client name. Just enter your username. This is especially useful for Silk Central installations with only one client. When you upgrade Silk Central from an older version, the login behaviour is the same as it was before.