Silk Test Intelligent Assistant

The Silk Test Intelligent Assistant analyzes test cases in Silk Test result files (.rex). The assistant then creates test case issues which can be tracked with Issue Manager.
Note: The Open Silk Test Classic Intelligent Assistant icon is only displayed if the ShowSilkTestAssistant tag in the SRFrontendBootConf.xml file is uncommented and set to true.

Based on the test case results you can either create new issues or update existing issues. For example: If you run a test case and it fails, the Intelligent Assistant can attach the test case to a new issue. QA engineers can subsequently execute the attached test case directly from Issue Manager and determine whether the issue has been fixed.

You can assign one or more test cases to an issue. However, you cannot assign a test case to more than one issue. The Intelligent Assistant considers two test cases to be the same if they have the same script name, test case name, and arguments.

Note: You can instruct the Intelligent Assistant to consider the same test case run on different platforms to be separate test cases. The Intelligent Assistant will not propose a test case to be fixed until that test case passes on all platforms.