Issue Tracking Page

In the menu, click Issues > Issue Tracking.


The Issue Tracking page shows the list of issues of your inbox. To view another inbox, select one from the Show list in the toolbar. Inboxes can be organized in groups. To show just inboxes of a certain Group, select one from the list in the toolbar. You can display or hide columns, adjust the width, and drag the columns around to change their order. Click on the columns to sort, group or filter the content in the grid. Click (View Issue) in the grid to show the details of an issue on the Issue Details page. You can also use the Up and Down keys on your keyboard to navigate through the list, and press Enter to show the details of an issue.

Use the Show list to define which issues you want to see:
  • All open issues: Displays all issues of all inboxes that are not in a terminal state.
  • All issues: Displays all issues of all inboxes, including closed issues.
  • <inbox name>: Displays all issues that are currently assigned to the selected inbox.


Click the buttons in the toolbar to perform the following actions:
  • Click (My Inbox) to show the list of issues of your inbox.
  • Click New Issue to add a new issue.
  • Click Acknowledge (Download as XLSX) to export the list of issues to an Excel sheet.
  • Enter an issue number in the Go to Issue # toolbar field and press Enter to quickly move to a certain issue.
  • Click (Open Silk Test Classic Intelligent Assistant). This icon is only displayed if the ShowSilkTestAssistant tag in the SRFrontendBootConf.xml file is uncommented and set to true. For more information, see Silk Test Intelligent Assistant.

Bulk Updates

You can use your keyboard's Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple issues using standard browser multi-select functions. Based on a user's permissions, the following actions can be performed on multiple issues by right-clicking your selection:
  • Reassigning issues, if no closed issues are selected.
  • Workflow actions, if the selected issues have the same type and state. Note that workflow actions using a product-dependent field are only enabled, if the selected issues have the same product.