Executing Business Process Tests

Once you have started your execution plan, you are ready to execute your business process tests.
  1. Open the Manual Testing window.

    To open the Manual Testing window, click Home > My Dashboard in the menu, and then click (Continue Manual Test) in the panel Manual Tests Assigned to Me. If this panel does not display on your dashboard, you have to add it. For more information on the dashboard and on panels, see Dashboard.

    The Manual Testing window displays the Business Process Test in the same section where manual tests are shown. However, in contrary to manual tests, a Business Process Test contains an additional area where the currently executed business component is shown. The steps section represents the steps for the current business component. For additional information on the window, see Manual Testing Window.

  2. Execute the steps in the steps section.
  3. Optional: Specify values for any output parameters of the current business component. All parameters for the current component and their value are listed after the component description.

    Any input parameters that are using the ${name} syntax are replaced on execution with their current values.

    The output parameters are listed below the input parameters with an input field to specify a value. If no value is specified, the user is warned when finishing the component. However, it is not mandatory to set a value to an output parameter when finishing a component.

    For additional information on how to specify and map parameters within components and flows, see the following topics:
  4. When you have executed all test steps for the business component, click Finish Component. The component is marked as finished and the execution of the next available component of the Business Process Test is started.
    Note: You can set the status of the business component to finished at any time, however, once the component is finished, you cannot change the status of the component anymore.
  5. Continue until all components that are assigned to you are finished.
Note: You can also execute business process tests from the current run tab of the execution plan or from the Activities page.