Cross-Browser Testing with Keyword-Driven Tests

Keyword-driven tests that are implemented with Silk Test and contain a BrowserBaseState can be parameterized in Silk Central so that you can run these tests across multiple browsers. To configure the browsers that you want to test:
  1. Create a configuration suite and assign the keyword-driven tests that you want to run across multiple browsers. For detailed information about creating a configuration suite, see Creating a Configuration Suite.
  2. On the Configurations tab, click Add/Remove Parameters and create a new parameter with the name silktest.configurationName.
  3. Click New Configuration to add the configurations that you want to test. For each configuration, specify the browser that you want to test by entering one of the following values for the silktest.configurationName parameter:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
  4. Run the configuration suite.