Creating a Configuration Suite

To create a configuration suite:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Details View or Execution Planning > Document View.
  2. Right-click the root node or a folder in the Execution tree and select New Child Configuration Suite or click New Child Configuration Suite in the toolbar. The New Configuration Suite dialog box displays.
  3. Type a Name and Description for the new configuration suite.
  4. Select a Test Container from the list box.
  5. Select a Version and Build from the list boxes, or check the Read from Build Information File check box to read the version and build from a file.
  6. Optional: In the Source Control Label field you can specify that earlier versions of automation files, instead of the latest versions, are fetched from the source control system.
    Note: The Source Control Label property is only enabled if the associated test container uses a source control profile that supports versioning.
  7. Click OK.