Configuration Testing

Configuration testing is the process of testing a system with each of the supported software and hardware configurations.

The Execution area supports configuration testing by allowing reuse of the assigned tests. You can create configuration suites with a set of assigned tests, and all execution plans that you add to the configuration suite will also have the set of tests assigned. You can also create configuration suites from existing execution plans and copy and paste or cut and paste execution plans in the Execution tree into a configuration suite. Silk Central enables you to add or remove parameters, keywords, and manual testers to or from the configurations. When you create a configuration suite out of an existing execution plan, all the results of the execution plan are preserved in the configuration suite. If you copy and paste an execution plan into an existing configuration suite, these results are not preserved.

Each execution plan in the configuration suite is displayed in an editable grid. You can view the execution plans or configurations that contain a specific test in the Properties tab of the test. You can also view the execution plans or configurations that are associated with a specific requirement in the Assigned Tests tab of the requirement.

To define configurations for automated tests, use the Configurations Suite Configurations page. To define configurations for manual tests use the Configurations page.