Configurations Page

To access this page, click Execution Planning > Configurations.

The Configurations page shows a list of the defined configurations in a grid. You can use these configurations for manual tests only. To define configurations for automated tests, see Configurations Suite Configurations Page.

To define a new configuration, click New Configuration. To add or remove a parameter, click Add/Remove Parameters.

For each listed configuration, the page displays the following columns:
Column Description
  • Click Delete Configuration to delete the configuration.
  • Click Duplicate Configuration to duplicate the configuration.
Name The name of the configuration. Click on the name to change it.
Mobile Device Selection The mobile device (physical device, emulator or simulator) that is assigned to the configuration. Click the link to edit the mobile device selection. For additional information, see Assigning Mobile Devices to a Configuration.
Keywords The list of the execution keywords that are assigned to the configuration. Click on the link to change the list. For additional information, see Assigning Keywords to a Configuration.
Parameters The grid can have multiple parameter columns. Click Add/Remove Parameters to add or remove parameters from the grid. To add a value to a parameter, click the field and type in the value. For additional information, see Adding Parameters to a Configuration.