Assigning Keywords to a Configuration

To assign keywords to a configuration:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Details View.
  2. In the Execution Plans tree, select the configuration suite that you want to edit.
  3. Click the Configurations tab.
  4. Click into the Keywords column of the configuration that you want to add a keyword to. The Assign Keywords dialog box opens.
  5. Select keywords in the Select keywords list box that reflect your execution environment requirements. Use Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select multiple keywords using standard browser multi-select functions.
    Tip: The Enter keywords field is auto-complete enabled. When you enter alphanumeric characters into this field, the field is dynamically updated with an existing keyword that matches the entered characters. The field is disabled when multiple keywords are selected in the Select keywords or Assigned keywords list boxes.
    Tip: For automated execution plans, if you only have a few execution servers and do not require hardware provisioning, it might be enough to use only the default, reserved keywords that are created for each execution server. In such cases, it is not necessary that you select additional keywords.
  6. Click > to move the keyword into the Assigned keywords list box.
    Note: For automated execution plans, the execution servers that match the assigned keywords are listed below in the dynamically-updated Matching execution servers list box. This list updates each time you add or remove a keyword. Click on the name of an execution server in the list to access the execution servers in Administration > Execution Servers .
  7. Click OK to save the keywords and close the Assign Keywords dialog box.