Schedule Page

Execution Planning > Details View > <Execution Element> > Schedule
Note: This page is not displayed for execution plans that are assigned to a testing cycle.

The Schedule page is used to define schedules for execution plans, folders, configuration suites, and report subscriptions.

The page provides the following schedule types:

Schedule Type Description
None Click this option button so that the asset is not executed based on a schedule. All schedules included in a copy or baseline of a project are initially set to None.
Global Click this option button to select a predefined schedule from the list box for the asset. Selecting a global schedule includes the schedule exclusions and definite runs which are defined in the global schedule. For information on defining global schedules, see the Administration topics in this Help. Selecting a global schedule displays the schedule details below the Custom option button.
Custom Click this option button to define a custom schedule for the execution plan, folder, or configuration suite. Click Edit to edit the custom schedule in the fields below.

For each selected schedule type, the page displays details. For a custom schedule, the details are editable.

If tests assigned to an asset are not executed, the reason might be that the asset is still executing because of an earlier schedule, and the schedule interval is shorter than the duration of the execution. In this case, either increase the schedule interval, improve the performance of the executed tests, or remove tests from the execution plan. To view the application server logfile, click the Application Server Log tab in Administration > Log Files .

Schedule Details

The page displays details for the selected schedule type, which are editable for a custom schedule.
Item Description
From Specifies when the execution schedule begins. Click Edit next to the specified date to change the date and time.
Interval Specifies the interval at which the tests are executed.
Adjust schedule to daylight savings Check this check box to automatically have your schedule adjust to daylight savings time.
Note: Daylight adjustment only works for intervals of two-hour multiples to avoid duplicate runs when setting time back one hour.
Run Specifies when the execution ends:
Click this option button to specify that the execution should not stop executing.
Click this option button and select a number from the list box to define a specific number of executions.
Click this option button to pick a specific time at which test executions are to end. Click Edit next to the specified date to change the date and time.
Exclusion The exclusions that are defined for the schedule. To add an exclusion, click Add Exclusion.
Definite Runs The definite runs that are defined for the schedule. To add a definite run, click Add Definite Run. Click Edit in the action column of a selected definite run to access the calendar tool and specify when the definite run is to take place.