In the Schedule page, once you have defined the tests that are to be included in an execution plan, a folder, or a configuration suite, you can define the schedule, by which the execution plan, folder, or configuration suite is to be executed.

Three scheduling options are available:
  • None
  • Global
  • Custom
Note: You can define schedules for execution plans, folders, or configuration suites. If a schedule is defined for a folder or a configuration suite, all execution plans that are included in the selected folder or configuration suite will be executed at the specified schedule. All execution plans, folders, or configuration suites with no keywords assigned get the status Not Executed when executed in a schedule. The scheduling options for parts of a project copy or baseline are set to none to prevent losing the last execution status. For more information on copies and baselines of projects, see Project Baselines and Copying Projects or Project Baselines.

Definite Runs

Definite runs enable you to define times at which tests will be executed regardless of configured schedules.