Cloud Integration

Silk Central enables you to integrate with providers of public or private cloud services by configuring cloud provider profiles. Cloud profiles are based on a plug-in concept, which enables you to write your own plug-in for a specific cloud provider. A cloud provider plug-in deploys a virtual environment before each automated test run.
Note: The cloud API is subject to change in upcoming versions of Silk Central. If you use this API, upgrading to a future version of Silk Central may require you to make updates to your implementation.

Refer to the Javadoc for full details regarding available Java classes and methods. If the link does not work, click Help > Documentation > Silk Central API Specification in the Silk Central menu to open the Javadoc.

The basic interface to start with is CloudProviderProfile ( CloudProviderProfile specifies the access and control of an external cloud system. A cloud provider plug-in implementation needs to accomplish the following:
  • Expose which properties have to be configured in a cloud provider profile to remotely access a provider of this type
  • Validate profile properties and check the connection to the cloud provider
  • Retrieve a list of available image templates from the cloud provider
  • Deploy a virtual environment based on a selected image template and expose externally accessible host addresses
  • Check if a virtual environment is deployed and running
  • Delete a specific virtual environment