Silk Central API Help

This guide provides the information you need to create and deploy plug-ins to integrate third-party tools into Silk Central, as well as information on managing results of external execution plan runs. For the available SOAP-based Web Services, this guide contains specifications and API descriptions and it explains how to integrate third-party plug-ins into Silk Central.

Note: This guide assumes you are familiar with the implementation and usage of Web Services.


Silk Central offers SOAP-based Web Services for the integration of third-party applications, as well as a REST API for managing results of external execution plan runs.

With the SOAP-based Silk Central Web Services, you can integrate your existing source-control, issue-tracking, and requirements-management tools by configuring Silk Central plug-ins. A number of sample plug-ins ship with Silk Central.

With the REST API for managing results of external execution plan runs, you can upload external results, which were generated by execution plan runs that were not executed by Silk Central execution servers, to Silk Central for further test management. You can also specify such external execution plans, which will be executed on an external execution environment instead of the Silk Central execution servers.

Documentation for the SOAP-based Web Services

Refer to the Javadoc for full details regarding available Java classes and methods. If the link does not work, click Help > Documentation > Silk Central API Specification in the Silk Central menu to open the Javadoc..

Documentation for the REST API

If Silk Central is installed on your system, you can access the interactive documentation of the REST API from here.

Silk Central Integration Plug-ins

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