Code Coverage Integration

The Java API interface discussed in this chapter is required for creating plug-ins for Silk Central that enable the integration of a third-party (external) code coverage tool.

Code coverage tools enable you to deliver information about what code is covered by tests. Silk Central delivers the following code coverage tools out-of-the-box:
  • Silk Central Java Code Analysis (Java Code Analysis Agent )
  • DevPartner Studio .NET Code Analysis (Windows Code Analysis Framework)
Note: If your application under test runs on Linux, see the topic Installing the Code Analysis Framework on a Linux AUT Environment.

If the preceding two tools are not sufficient, you can create and deploy your own code coverage integration. See Creating Your Own Code Coverage Plugin.

Note: In addition to deploying your custom application on the application server (see the Creating Plugins topic), you also need to deploy your custom application on the code analysis framework server. This is where your AUT and code coverage tool is located. The path is as follows: \Silk\Silk Central <version>\Plugins