Installing the Code Analysis Framework on a Linux AUT Environment

The following steps should be performed if the code coverage plugin that you create will interact with your .NET application under test on the Linux operating system.

  1. The code analysis framework for Linux is available from Help > Tools > Linux Code Analysis Framework. Download and copy this over to root or any other folder on the Linux machine.
  2. Ensure that the latest version of Java Runtime Environment 1.8 is installed on the application under test machine.
  3. Extract CA-Framework.tar.gz.
  4. Place the code analysis plug-in into the <install dir>/Silk Central 20.0/Plugins folder.
  5. Change directory to <install dir>/Silk Central 20.0/Code Analysis.
  6. Find shell script which will run the CA-Framework process.
  7. Run the following command to convert the file to Unix format: dos2unix
  8. Run the following command to set required permissions to execute the shell script: chmod 775
  9. Run the following shell script to run the CAFramework process: ./
The code analysis framework is ready to be used from Silk Central.