Requirements Management Integration

Silk Central can be integrated with third-party Requirements Management System (RMS) tools to link and synchronize requirements.

This section describes a Java application programming interface that enables you to implement third-party plug-ins for synchronization of requirements in Silk Central with the requirements of a third-party Requirements Management System. This section describes the interfaces that identify a requirement plug-in and its deployment.

A JAR or ZIP file is provided following the standard Silk Central plug-in concept, which is automatically deployed to all front-end servers, thereby enabling access to third-party tools for configuration and synchronization. This plug-in implements a specified interface that allows Silk Central to identify it as a requirements plug-in and provides the required login properties to log in to the third-party tool.

Refer to the Javadoc for full details regarding available Java classes and methods. If the link does not work, click Help > Documentation > Silk Central API Specification in the Silk Central menu to open the Javadoc.

For information about additional plug-ins, contact customer support.