Assigning Tests to Manual Testers

Now we are going to assign the tests in our testing cycle to manual testers.
  1. Click Test Assignment >>> on the top right. The Test Assignment screen appears.
  2. In the Testing Cycles area on the left side, click on the No specific tester row in our testing cycle. All tests that are not assigned to a tester appear in the Assigned Tests area on the right side.
  3. Select one or more tests, drag them to the Testing Cycles area on the left side and drop them to a manual tester. When assigning tests to a manual tester, the resource indicator is updated. Move the mouse over this indicator to see detailed information about the capacity, the planned time, and the time left.
  4. When you are finished assigning tests to manual testers, click ... > Start Testing Cycle to start the tests.

When the testing cycle is started, each manual tester is informed through email about the tests that are assigned. While the testing cycle is running, a tester will also receive an email when a new test is assigned to the tester or when a test from another tester is re-assigned to the tester. You can add a test inbox, (Manual Tests Assigned to Me), to your personal dashboard. All the tests that are assigned to you are listed there.