Selecting Tests and Scheduling

This topic describes how to assign tests to our testing cycle. The goal is to select those tests that best cover the defined quality goals. One of the quality goals is based on the requirement risk. The typical practice is to test things with high risk first.
  1. In the Filter Criteria area on the left side, under Quality Goals, check the Requirement Risk check box. The list of Matching Tests is narrowed down to the tests that are critical.
  2. In the Matching Tests area, open a column header's context menu to sort, filter or group tests. That helps to select the tests that should be scheduled.
  3. Select one or more tests, drag them to the Testing Cycle area on the right side and drop them to our testing cycle. To assign tests to a testing cycle, you can also right-click on the selected tests and select Assign tests to cycle. When adding tests to a testing cycle, the indicator for already used resources is updated. Move the mouse over this indicator for detailed information about the overall capacity, the planned time, and the time left.
  4. After scheduling all tests with a critical risk, schedule those with a high risk. After that, schedule those with a medium risk, and so on.

The tests assigned to our testing cycle have moved to the No specific tester row. In the next step, we will assign tests to manual testers.