Adding an Inbox

You should add at least one inbox for every user who acts on issues.

Note: You need the Groups, inboxes and user accounts security privilege to add, edit, or delete inboxes.

To add an Inbox:

  1. In the menu, click Issues > Configuration.
  2. Click Inboxes. The Inboxes page opens.
  3. Click Add Inbox. The Inbox Settings dialog box opens.
  4. Type a name for the Inbox in the Name field.
    Each inbox requires a unique name of up to 50 characters. The following are sample Inbox names:
    • Dave (Dev)
    • PM Inbox
    • Jesse - Doc
    • Dan - Dev (Product A)
    • Dan - Dev (Product B)
    User Inbox names can be in any format you choose, but you should follow the format consistently. The following are sample formats:
    • user (group)
    • user - group
    • user - group (Product-name)
    • user
    Group inboxes should also follow a consistent format, for example one of the following:
    • group
    • Group (Product-Name)

    Special characters are not allowed. Inbox names are displayed in ASCII sort order (capital letters first) on the Inboxes page.

  5. From the Group list box, select the group that is associated with this Inbox. Based on this association, Issue Manager helps users reassign issues selectively. For example, say that Denise, who is in the Documentation group, reassigns an issue in her inbox. Issue Manager opens the Issue Reassignment dialog box with Documentation as the default group. Denise can then select another member of the Documentation group from the New Inbox list box without having to scan the entire list of inboxes.
  6. Optional: Enter a description of the inbox in the Description field. The description can have a length of up to 80 characters. For example Developer David Hanson's inbox or dhart's inbox for Product B issues.
  7. The Is Active check box is checked by default.
    Note: If the inbox is used in the routing rules you cannot uncheck the Is active check box.
  8. Click OK to create the new inbox..