Custom Icons

You can design custom icons for your test type to make the test type identifiable. To define these icons for the plug-in, for which you have defined the identifier PluginId in the configuration XML file, you have to place the following four icons into the root directory of the plug-in ZIP container.

Name Description
<PluginId>.gif The default icon for your tests type. For example, ProcessExecutor.gif.
<PluginId>_package.gif The icon used for the test package root and the suite nodes, in case you convert a test of the specified test type into a test package. For example, ProcessExecutor_package.gif.
<PluginId>_linked.gif The icon used if the parent folder of the test is a linked test container. For example, ProcessExecutor_linked.gif.
<PluginId>_incomplete.gif The icon used if the product or the source control profile of the parent test container of the test is not defined.
When you design a new icon for a test type, apply the following rules:
  • Use only icons of type GIF. The file extension is case sensitive and must always be lowercase (.gif).
  • Remove old or invalid icons from <Silk Central deploy folder>\wwwroot\silkroot\img\PluginIcons, because otherwise the icons will not be updated with the new icons in the root directory of the plug-in ZIP container.
  • The size of the icon is 16x16 pixels.
  • The maximal number of colors allowed for an icon is 256.
  • The icon includes a 1 bit transparency.