Attributes Page

Project:<Project Name> > Project Settings > Attributes

The Attributes page lists the attributes that have been created for the current project. For each attribute, the Attributes page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Actions Available actions that can be performed on the attribute.
Name Name of the attribute. When the attribute is available for use, the name will display in list boxes for filters, execution plans, and tests. Attributes can be used in global filters for filtering by attributes and can be applied to tests and execution plans.

Click the Edit icon to edit the name of the attribute.

Type Attribute type. See the Custom Attribute and Requirement Property Types topic for descriptions of each type of attribute.
Status Status of the attribute, active or inactive.
Reporting Column The column name of the attribute in the LQM Reporting table. Use this column name to query the selected attribute within the LQM Reporting table. See the database model documentation for detailed information.
Created On When the attribute was created.
Created By User who created the attribute.
Changed On When the attribute was most recently modified.
Changed By User who most recently modified the attribute.