Displaying or Hiding the Host Name in the Tab Name of Your Web Browser

To display or hide the host name in the tab name of your Web browser:

  1. On the Instance Administration page, stop the front-end server of the instance that you want to modify.
  2. Open the TMFrontendBootConf.xml file with a text editor. The default path for this file is C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Central 20.0\instance_<instance number>_<instance name>\Conf\FontendServer on the front-end server.
  3. Locate the DisplayHostNameInTitleBar XML tag in the Options section of the file.
  4. If you set the value to true, the host name of the front-end server will be displayed in the tab name of Web browsers when accessing Silk Central. If you set the value to false, which is the default value, no host name will be displayed, and if you set the value to any other string, the specified string will be displayed. The currently selected unit in Silk Central is always displayed.

    For example, when the XML tag is set to true, the browser displays: <unit> | HOSTNAME.

    When the tag is set to false, the browser displays: <unit> | Silk Central.

    When custom text is entered, for example MyCustomText, the browser displays: <unit> | MyCustomText.

    When the tag is left empty, the browser displays: <unit>.

  5. Save and close the XML file.
  6. Re-start the front-end server.