Deleting Runs and Result Files of Execution Plans

You can decide if you want to delete runs (including result files as well as all other items and information that belong to the run) or if you want to delete just the result files of the runs. Result files can be files that require a lot of storage in the database, like videos or screen images. By deleting just the result files, you can clean up your database and free up storage space, but at the same time you keep all the essential information about your runs.

To delete runs or result files:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Details View.
  2. Right-click on an execution plan, a folder, a configuration suite, or a project in the Execution Plans tree and select Delete Runs or Result Files.
  3. The Delete Runs or Result Files dialog box appears. Select what you want to delete:
    • Click Run result cleanup rules to automatically cleanup results and result files for all execution plans in all subtrees of the selected execution plan, folder, configuration suite, or project based on the specified result cleanup rules. For additional information, see Automatically Deleting Results and Result Files.
    • Click Delete all finished runs (including result files) to delete all runs with all result files.
    • Click Delete result files of all finished runs to delete just the result files but not the runs themselves.
  4. Check Within the time span from ... to ... to delete just the runs or result files of a certain time period.
  5. Check Keep last run to delete all runs (within the time span, if specified) except the last run.
  6. Click OK.
Note: Runs of tagged builds will not be deleted with this action. To delete runs of tagged builds, untag the build in Administration > Products, Version, and Builds > Products.
Note: If there are many items to be deleted, there may be a slight delay for the UI to update while the items are removed from the database.
Note: If you right-click the project node to delete all runs or result files of the project, the runs or result files of all unassigned tests will be deleted as well.