Downloading Silk Performer Test Result Packages

Downloading result packages is the ideal option if you want to analyze the complete results set of a test run, or if you want to download the complete results set for offline analysis. Because result packages often include large TrueLog On Error files, result packages can be compressed and downloaded to your local hard drive as .lrz files. Downloading results locally can also be useful when you are working from a slow Internet connection.

To download Silk Performer test results:

  1. In the menu, click Tests > Details View .
  2. In the Tests tree, select a Silk Performer test.
  3. Click the Runs tab.
  4. Click Download Results in the Actions column of the test execution for which you want to download results. A File Download dialog box displays, showing you the name of the compressed results package file, .ltz that you are about to download.
  5. Click Open to open the results in Performance Explorer. Alternatively, you can click Save to save the results locally.
  6. If not already open in the background, Performance Explorer now opens. You are presented with an Import Project dialog box that indicates the target directory to which the results will be saved. Click OK to accept the default path, or click Browse to select an alternate path. The downloaded results are then displayed in Performance Explorer.
    Note: If you accept the default projects directory where result packages are typically stored, which we generally recommend, then the results will be stored with all other Silk Performer results and will be readily accessible through the Performance Explorer Add Loadtest Results command.