Working with Silk Performer Projects

Silk Performer is fully integrated with the test and execution functionality of Silk Central. Silk Performer projects can be integrated into Silk Central tests and directly executed through Silk Central. This allows for powerful test-result analysis and reporting. It also enables unattended testing, which means tests are run automatically by Silk Central based on pre-configured schedules.

Refer to the Silk Performer Help for details on configuring the integration of Silk Performer with Silk Central.

Silk Performer project files can be directly opened in Silk Performer from Silk Central, where scripts and settings can be edited. Edited Silk Performer projects can subsequently be checked back into Silk Central to make them available for future test executions.

Note: The term Project is used differently in Silk Performer than it is in Silk Central. A Silk Performer project, when uploaded to Silk Central, becomes the core element of a Silk Central test. Silk Central projects are high-level entities that may include multiple Silk Performer projects, tests, execution plans, and requirements.