Uploading Silk Performer Test Results

Once you have completed running an attended test in Silk Performer, you can upload the test results to Silk Central and associate the results with a test.

To upload results from an attended Silk Performer test:

  1. Run an attended Silk Performer test. For additional information, see Executing Attended Silk Performer Tests.
  2. When the test is complete, select Upload Results to Silk Central from the Results menu. The Login screen of the Upload Results to Silk Central wizard displays.
  3. Enter your Password and click Next.
    Note: Because this is an attended test, the wizard already knows the appropriate hostname and username of the test to which these results are to be uploaded.
  4. If not already selected by default in the project list, select the Silk Central project to which you want to upload the Silk Performer results.
  5. If not already selected by default in the tree list, select the test to which you want to upload the results. Click Next.
    Note: You can right-click in the tree and use the commands on the context menu to create a new test, child test, test folder, or child test folder to which the results can be saved.
  6. On the subsequent screen you can specify Version and Build numbers for the assigned Product to which the uploaded results belong. Also specify the Silk Performer test result status, for example Passed, Failed.
    Note: If any errors occurred during the test run, the test result status is set to Failed by default.
  7. Click Finish to upload the results. The uploaded results are displayed in Tests > Details View > <Silk Performer Test> > Runs.