Starting or Stopping a Local Execution Server Service

Use the Silk Central Service Manager to start or stop a locally installed execution server service.
  1. Double-click the Silk Central Service Manager tray icon in the Windows task bar. The Silk Central Service Manager dialog appears.
  2. Click Start or Stop to start or stop the execution server service.
  3. Click Query Status to check the current status of the service.
  4. If you wish to monitor real-time activity, launch the Silk Central execution server with a console window:
    1. Check the Start with console check box.
    2. Click Stop.
    3. Click Start.
  5. Click the Execution Server Logfile link to view the log file. The log file opens in the registered text editor.
  6. Click OK to finish managing the execution server service. The Service Manager closes, but remains active in the system tray.