Assigned Tests Page

Requirements > Details View > Assigned Tests

The Assigned Tests page lists all tests that are assigned to the selected requirement. If a test is assigned to more than one execution plan and the Display in Execution Context check box is checked, the test is displayed in a separate line of the grid for each execution plan.

All tests that are available for assignment are displayed in the right-hand Tests tree. To assign a test to the selected requirement, double-click on the entry in the tree or click Assign to the left of the entry.

If you have created a test filter, you can select it from the filter list above the Tests tree. To create a new test filter, navigate to the Tests area and click New Filter on the toolbar.

To automatically assign newly generated tests to the requirements from which they are generated, check the Assign newly generated Tests to Requirements check box on the Generate Test from Requirements dialog box.

The default view displays only those tests that are assigned directly to the selected requirement. Check the Full Coverage check box to additionally display all tests that are assigned to child requirements of the selected requirement. When Full Coverage is checked, tests that are not assigned to the selected requirement, but are assigned to a child of the requirement, are displayed with an overlay over the test-type icon.

If you have copied a set of tests from Tests > Grid View to the clipboard, click Assign Saved Selection to assign the entire set to the selected requirement. Click Remove All to remove all assigned tests from the requirement.

To assign existing issues to one or more tests directly in the grid, right-click a test and click Assign Existing Issues. You can select multiple tests with Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click.

The Assigned Tests page displays the following columns for each listed test:

Column Description
Actions You can perform the following actions on an assigned test:
  • Click Delete to remove the assigned test from the requirement.
  • Click Locate to locate the assigned test in the right-hand Tests tree.
Test Name of the assigned test. Click to view and edit the test. For configuration testing, the test is separately listed for each configuration.
Execution Plan This column is only displayed if the Display in Execution Context check box is checked. Name of the execution plan that includes the assigned test. For configuration testing.
Execution Plan Parent The configuration suite, folder, or testing cycle in the context of which the execution plan is executed. Click to access the suite or folder in the Execution Plans tree. If the execution plan is not included in a configuration suite or folder, nothing is displayed.
Status Status of the assigned test in each execution plan to which the test is assigned. To display the status of all runs of the displayed tests in each execution plan, check the Display in Execution Context check box.
  • Passed
  • Failed
  • Not Executed
  • N/A
For tests or test packages that are included in a configuration suite, the status is an aggregation of all statuses of all configurations within the suite:
  • If the test is assigned only to the configuration suite, the status is Passed only if it is passed in all configurations. If the status is not Passed in all configurations, the status of the worst run is propagated, with the following top-down priority:
    1. N/A
    2. Not Executed
    3. Failed
    4. Passed
    The status of a requirement that is assigned to the test is Failed if the test fails in one or more of the configurations.
  • We do not recommend assigning the test to a configuration suite and one or more simple execution plans. However, in this case, the aggregate of the configuration statuses is one status, and the last statuses of the execution plans are other statuses. The status that was executed last determines the last status of the test.
  • If the test is assigned to a simple execution plan only, the status is updated in response to the status of the last test run.
Last Execution Time and date of the last execution of the test.
Issues This column is only displayed if the Display in Execution Context check box is not checked. Issues that are associated with this test.
Path Info The path to the test in the test folders structure.