Creating a Filter for Flagged Requirements

Create a filter for flagged requirements to see only the requirements in the Requirements tree that apply to the filter condition.

To create a filter for flagged requirements:

  1. In the menu, click Requirements > Details View .
  2. Click New Filter. The New Filter dialog box opens.
  3. Select Requirements Property from the Selection Criteria list.
  4. Select Requirement State from the Property list.
  5. Select = from the Operator list.
  6. Select one of the following values from the Value list:
    No flag is selected
    Flagged Manual
    User manual added a flag to a requirement.
    Flagged New
    Requirement was created.
    Flagged Updated
    Requirement was updated.
    Requirement is marked as obsolete.
  7. Click Save and Apply.
    Note: If child requirements are flagged, but one or more parent requirements are not flagged, the full path to the flagged child requirements will display, but with the parent requirements disabled. You cannot set or clear the flag for parent requirements that are in this state.