Requirements Management Tools Integration

Important: Before upgrading from Silk Central 15.0 or earlier to the current version, perform a Synchronize All to synchronize all your requirements with your integrated requirements management tools.
Integrating external requirements management enables you to coordinate the requirements management features of Silk Central with other tools you may already be working with. Integration is configured on the Requirements Management page in Project:<Project Name> > Project Settings.
Note: You can enable creating, editing and deleting requirements through Silk Central, rather than only allowing modifications through the integrated tool. You can allow modifications directly in Silk Central's UI, and/or through Silk Central's web services by checking the respective Allow requirement create, edit, and delete... check boxes.

Silk Central supports integration with external requirements management systems (RMS) through its open interface. Creating a plug-in and integrating it into Silk Central allows integrating any RMS. Refer to the Silk Central API Help for information about the interfaces that enable proper integration of external RMS.