Project List

Project:<Project Name> > Project List

The Project List page alphabetically displays all the projects and project baselines associated with your Silk Central installation. The page supports filtering, but does not support sorting. The displayed projects are sorted by name. Inactive projects and inactive project baselines are disabled.

Project baselines are sorted by their creation date, marked with a special icon, and shown as child nodes of the original project.

For more information, see Managing Projects.

The following columns are displayed for each project and project baseline:

Column Description


Edit project

Copy project

Baseline project

Export project

Note: This column will be hidden if the current user does not have modify/delete project permissions.
Project Name of the project. Click to set the project as the active project.
Project ID The identifier of the project.
Status Active or Inactive. Click to switch the status.
Description Project description.
Project Owner Specifies the owner of the project. The selected user account does not have any special privileges; this setting is purely informative.
Release Date Specifies the planned release date for the project.
Created On Date and time the project was created.
Created By User who created the project.
Changed On Date and time the project was last changed.
Changed By User who last changed the project.
Tags If you have many projects, project tags can help you filter them, using the Tags column on the Project List page. Use Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select multiple projects, then right-click your selection and click Edit Tags to manage the tags of multiple projects at once.
Note: Filtering by tags uses an OR condition, meaning that all projects are displayed that contain either of the selected tags.