Working With Tests in Grid View

The Grid View in the Tests area complements the Document View and Details View by facilitating the filtering, sorting, and grouping of large numbers of tests. Grid View eases identifying match points between tests and finding specific test information. Standard Windows keyboard shortcuts can be used, making it easy to select and manipulate specific sets of tests within Grid View. You can execute trial runs of tests and access tests from Grid View. You can also create execution plans through multi-selecting tests within Grid View.

Grid View offers a number of view-customization features that can help you better manage large numbers of tests. You can display or hide columns, adjust the width of columns, and move columns around using drag-and-drop. To enhance performance when you have numerous tests, page views are broken into views of 50 tests each. You can advance through pages using the First, Last, Next, and Previous. Or you can enter a page number into the Page field and press Enter to access the specified page. Sorting, grouping, and filtering functions are available through context-menu commands to help you better organize your tests, group tests, and identify matching points between tests. All of your view-customization preferences are saved along with your project and will be available to you the next time you visit Grid View.