Modifying Properties and Attributes for Multiple Tests

To modify property or attribute values for multiple tests:

  1. In the menu, click Tests > Grid View .
  2. Select the tests for which you want to edit the properties or attributes. You can select multiple tests with Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click.
  3. Right click and select Multi-Edit. The Multi-Edit dialog box opens. This dialog lets you set the value of the selected property or attribute to the same value for all selected tests.
    Tip: Right-clicking on a cell of a specific property or attribute column pre-selects this property or attribute in the Multi-Edit dialog box.
  4. Select Properties or Attributes from the Category list.
  5. Select the Name of the property or attribute to modify.
  6. Select the Value of the property or attribute that will apply to all selected tests.
  7. Click OK. The selected property or attribute value is applied to all selected tests.