Configuring Silk Central for Code Analysis

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Details View.
  2. Open an existing execution plan that contains a manual test with steps to test functionality for your AUT.
  3. Click the Deployment tab.
  4. Under Code Analysis Settings, click Edit to view the Edit Code Analysis Settings dialog box.
  5. Ensure that Enable Code Analysis is checked.
  6. Select DevPartner .NET Code Analysis from the Code Analysis Profile list.
  7. For the Hostnames field, type in the host name followed by colon and the port number. For example: localhost:19129.

    The default code analysis framework port is 19129. You can configure the code analysis framework to run at a given port using the following xml file: <install dir>\Code Analysis\CodeAnalysisConfig.xml

  8. Click OK.
  9. Run the test by clicking Run in the Execution area.
  10. On the Run dialog box, ensure that All Tests is checked.
  11. In the Set build for execution plan, select the proper build for your execution plan.
  12. Click OK.