Quality Goals

Quality goals (exit criteria) are a definable set of testing metrics that the project must meet in order for the quality to be considered acceptable. Each Silk Central project can contain one or more quality goals. Silk Central uses quality goals as a primary means to implement risk based testing, allowing you to plan, to test, and to report on only the most important tests in a given testing cycle.

In Silk Central, a quality goal is comprised of the following two elements:

Quality Goal Example

If a requirement has a property of MyCustomRisk with values of High, Medium, and Low, it should be possible to define a quality goal of:

Requirement Goal - MyCustomRisk
High = 100%
Medium = 50%
Low = 10%

The 100% means that all of the tests that meet that criteria (linked to a requirement that has the High attribute value) must execute and pass to meet that goal.


Quality goals are permission based. See Quality Goals Permissions for details of permission.