Users and groups

Silk Meter server offers user and group management that can be used to apply policy grants.

The Policy Administrator allows you to add, rename, and remove users and groups from the management system. Users and groups may also be assigned to each other.
Note: This functionality is only available in administrator mode. For additional information, see Switching Security Modes.

These users and groups can be used in the Edit Grants dialog to apply policy grants.

The following characters are not allowed for user and group names:
  • Characters that Microsoft does not allow for user or group creation.
  • Characters that Silk Meter uses for tokens.
  • Characters that have other significance in policy files.
  • The characters / [ ] : | < > + = ; , ? * { } ( ) # & €
Note: The backslash character '\' is explicitly allowed to support grants for the <client name>\<user name> login notation of Silk Central.