Merging report files

Use the Report Merge Dialog to merge report files generated by previous queries into a single report file.
Note: This is a simple content copy, so if identical information is included in both source files, the information will be included twice in the merged file.
  1. Click (in Microsoft Windows 7) Start > All Programs > Silk > Silk Meter 21.0 > Policy Administrator or (in Microsoft Windows 10) Start > Silk > Policy Administrator to access the Policy Administrator.
  2. Click Report > Merge Report Files in the menu or click Merge Report Files in the toolbar. The Report Merge Dialog appears.
  3. Select the files to add to the output file. For each file:
    1. Click Add. The Select Report File dialog appears.
    2. Browse to the file and click Select.
  4. Specify the location and a name for the target report file.
    1. Type the name into the Merged to Report File field.
    2. Click Browse. The Select Output Report File dialog appears.
    3. Browse to the file and click Select.
  5. Click Merge.