The Policy Administrator

Describes how you can use the Policy Administrator to configure the licensing for your product.
The Policy Administrator tool enables you to configure the licensing for your products, by allowing you to use the following functionality:
  • Import policies.
  • Check-in / Check-out mobile policies.
  • Delete servers or policies.
  • Edit grants.
  • Edit projects.
  • Configure the Silk Meter license server connection.
  • View statistics.
  • Query Silk Meter server log-files.
  • Merge report files.
  • Edit users and groups.

To access the Policy Administrator, click (in Microsoft Windows 7) Start > All Programs > Silk > Silk Meter 21.0 > Policy Administrator or (in Microsoft Windows 10) Start > Silk > Policy Administrator. The left column of the Policy Administrator displays the policies and licenses that are in use on the currently selected license server. The right column displays details about the selected policy.

You can run the Policy Administrator either in user mode or in administrator mode. User mode offers limited functionality in comparison to the administrator mode, as importing and removing policies and editing grants is disabled.