Log files

Interactions between licensed clients and the Silk Meter server are logged to the smServerLog.log file, which is located in the %PROGRAMDATA%\Borland\Silk\SilkMeter\cfg\silkmeter\logs directory.

When this log file reaches the maximum size, which is configurable and by default 4MB, the file is archived with the name smServerLog_<datetime>_<timestamp>.log in the same directory. A new, empty log file is then created. The timestamp that is used for the new log file reflects the time at which the file is saved, for example smServerLog_2018_03_30_12_51_27_1032349743.log.

You can change the maximum size, in KB, of the log file by using the registry setting MaxLogFileSize, which is of type REG_SZ, under the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SgMeManager\Parameters registry key.

The variables contained in log file entries are defined as follows: