Filtering General Traffic from Capture Files

You can exclude proprietary TCP/IP traffic, UDP traffic, and browser-specific domains from your script by using the following filter on the Capture File page.
  1. In the Project tree, expand the Capture Files node and double-click a capture file.
  2. Enable Exclude proprietary TCP/IP traffic. Silk Performer automatically recognizes traffic of standard TCP/IP-based web protocols such as HTTP. Traffic from non-standard web protocols is often generated by the browser and can be described as proprietary TCP/IP traffic. It can be useful to exclude this traffic as it can clutter up a script and usually it is not the traffic that was intended to be recorded.
  3. Enable Exclude UDP traffic. Browsers and web applications often use the UDP for device and service detection. UDP traffic is also usually not intended to be recorded.
  4. Enable Exclude browser-specific domains When you record a web application, your script will usually also contain additional , browser-specific web calls. These web calls are independent of the recorded application and are only scripted when you use a certain browser to do the recording. Therefore, it is typically desirable to exclude these web calls, which helps to create a cleaner script. The tooltip shows which browser-specific domains Silk Performer found in your capture file.
  5. Click Generate Script.