Silk Performer Help
Welcome to Silk Performer 21.0
Installation Guide
Silk Performer Workbench 21.0
What's New in Silk Performer 21.0
Getting Started
Configuring Silk Performer
System Settings
Remote Agents
Client Certificates
Custom Screen Layouts
Managing Multiple Versions of Silk Performer
Managing Load Tests
Outlining Projects
Outlining Projects
Outlining a Project
Available Application Types
Web Browser
Terminal Emulation
Web Services
Application Server/Component Models
Terminal Services
Unit Testing
GUI-Level Testing
Project Profile Settings
Profile Administration
Recorder Settings
Replay Settings
Result-File Settings
Internet Settings
Web (Protocol Level) Settings
Setting Terminal Client Options
Setting GUI-Level Testing Options
Setting Oracle Forms Options
Setting SAPGUI Options
Configuring Citrix XenApp Options
Setting .NET Options
Java Settings
Database Settings
Test Scripts
Data Files
Agent Computers
Modeling Scripts
Recorded Test Scripts
Recording a Test Script
Secure Connections and Certificates
Generating Scripts from Capture Files
Traffic Filters
Rule-Based Recording
Recording Rule Files
General Attributes of Recording Rules
HTTP Parsing Rules
TCP/IP Protocol Rules
Manually Written Test Scripts
Sample Scripts
Trying Out Scripts
Customizing Scripts
Defining User Types
Finding Baselines
Viewing Baselines
Adjusting Workload
Assigning Agents
Trying Out Agents
Configuring Monitoring
Running Load Tests
Exploring Test Results
Load Testing Specific Application Types
Flex/AMF3 Support
Web Applications Support
Web Application Communication Overview
Load Testing Web 2.0 Applications (Protocol-Level)
Web Load Testing Overview
Defining a Web Load Test Project
Creating a Test Script
Analyzing Test Scripts
Customizing Test Scripts
Configuring Monitoring
Adjusting Workload
Running Load Tests
Exploring Test Results
Silk Performer Web Context Management
Manual Script Editing
Customization of GZIP or ZLIB POST Data
Setting Up Individual IP Addresses
Web Forms
Load Testing Web 2.0 Applications (Browser-Driven)
Testing Apps for Mobile Devices
Responsive Web Design Testing
BMC Remedy IT Service Management Support
Citrix XenApp Support
.NET Support
.NET Framework Support
Using .NET Framework Functions Within .NET
.NET Configuration Files
Testing Web Services and .NET Remoting Objects with .NET Framework
Testing SOAP Web Services for .NET
Setting Up Silk Performer .NET Projects
Creating Silk Performer .NET Projects in Microsoft Visual Studio
Memory Usage in .NET
.NET Error Messages
NUnit Integration
Silk Performer .NET Explorer
GUI-Level Testing Support
Jacada Support
Java Support
Java Framework Support
Testing SOAP Web Services for Java
Java Over HTTP Support
JUnit Integration
Java RMI Support
Eclipse Plug-In
Silk Performer Java Explorer
OnWeb Mainframe-to-Web Testing Support
Oracle Forms / Oracle Applications Support
Basic Concepts
Installation and Requirements
Managing Oracle Forms/Oracle Applications Load Tests
Recording Concepts
Oracle Forms / Oracle Applications TrueLogs
Replay Concepts
Oracle Forms Performance Monitoring
Root Cause Analysis
Tips and Tricks
SAP Support
Siebel Support
Microsoft Silverlight Support
Terminal Emulation Support
TCP/IP Based Protocol Support
Load Testing PeopleSoft
HLS Support
Load Testing in Specific Environments
Silk Performer Plug-Ins
Silk Central Integration
Silk Performance Manager Integration
Source Control Integration
Importing, Uploading, and Emailing Projects
Known Issues in Silk Performer
General Silk Performer Issues
TrueLog Explorer Issues
Citrix Issues
Oracle Forms Issues
Browser-Driven Load Testing Issues
Java over HTTP Issues
Benchmark Description Language (BDL) Reference
Scripting Language Structure and Statements
Lexical Structure
Program Structure of Load Testing Scripts
General Functions
Data Structure Functions
Date Functions
Error-Handling Functions
File Functions
List Functions
Load Test Control Functions
Logging Functions Overview
Measurement Functions
Memory Functions
Process Control Functions
Synchronization Functions
Random Functions
Random Types
Runtime Functions
Simulation Setting Functions
String Functions
Regular Expressions
System Information Functions
Attributes Manipulation Functions
XML Functions
Application Server Functions
CORBA Functions Reference
General Setting Functions Overview
Bootstrapping Functions
Basic CORBA Functions
Status Retrieving Functions
Parameter Setting and Getting Functions Overview
Measurement Functions
Wonderwall Functions Overview
Jolt Functions Reference
Oracle Forms Functions Reference
Testing Oracle Forms Applications
Oracle Forms Properties
Oracle Forms SSO (Single Sign On)
Oracle Forms Memory Usage
Connecting Functions
Control Functions
OraFormsBeginMessageBlock Function
OraFormsButtonPress Function
OraFormsCheckBoxSet Function
OraFormsChoiceBoxButton Function
OraFormsCloseCancelQueryDialog Function
OraFormsCloseDialog Function
OraFormsCloseWindow Function
OraFormsComboActivate Function
OraFormsComboClose Function
OraFormsComboSelect Function
OraFormsCreateMessageFromHandler Function
OraFormsCreateMessageFromHandler Function
OraFormsEditorDialogOK Function
OraFormsEditSet Function
OraFormsEndMessageBlock Function
OraFormsFindAndSetWindow Function
OraFormsFlexDefaultBlock Function
OraFormsFlexDefaultField Function
OraFormsFlexFieldFocus Function
OraFormsFlexPressCancel Function
OraFormsFlexPressClear Function
OraFormsFlexPressFind Function
OraFormsFlexPressHelp Function
OraFormsFlexPressLov Function
OraFormsFlexPressOk Function
OraFormsFlexSetCellData Function
OraFormsFlexSetCellDataOk Function
OraFormsFlexShowActions Function
OraFormsFlexShowValues Function
OraFormsGetClassIdFromControl Function
OraFormsGetInterceptedControlId Function
OraFormsGetInterceptedControlTitle Function
OraFormsGetSessionId Function
OraFormsKeyStroke Function
OraFormsJavaContainerAction Function
OraFormsMenuCreate Function
OraFormsMenuItem Function
OraFormsMessageBoxButton Function
OraFormsMouseClick Function
OraFormsMouseDblClick Function
OraFormsOnMessageGet Function
OraFormsListActivate Function
OraFormsListClose Function
OraFormsListSelect Function
OraFormsLogon Function
OraFormsLogonCancel Function
OraFormsLovAutoReduceChar Function
OraFormsLovFind Function
OraFormsLovGetItems Function
OraFormsLovOpen Function
OraFormsLovSelect Function
OraFormsLovUnReduce Function
OraFormsRadioSet Function
OraFormsPopListActivate Function
OraFormsPopListClose Function
OraFormsPopListSelect Function
OraFormsPutMessage Function
OraFormsPutTerminalAndWait Function
OraFormsRegisterMessageInterceptor Function
OraFormsUnregisterMessageInterceptor Function
OraFormsResponseBoxCancel Function
OraFormsResponseBoxOk Function
OraFormsResponseBoxValidate Function
OraFormsScrollerDrag Function
OraFormsScrollerLine Function
OraFormsScrollerPage Function
OraFormsTreeSelectNode Function
OraFormsSetCancelQueryWindow Function
OraFormsSetFocus Function
OraFormsSetWindow Function
OraFormsTabSelect Function
OraFormsTreeActivateNode Function
OraFormsTreeCollapseNode Function
OraFormsTreeExpandNode Function
OraFormsWindowMove Function
OraFormsWindowResize Function
OraFormsWindowUpdate Function
Properties Functions
Parsing Functions
Verifying Functions
Synchronization Functions
TUXEDO Functions Reference
Jacada Functions Reference
Browser-Driven Web Load Testing Functions
BrowserActivateWindow Function
BrowserBack Function
BrowserButtonSelect Function
BrowserCheckBoxSelect Function
BrowserClick Function
BrowserCloseWindow Function
BrowserCreateWindow Function
BrowserDeleteCertificate Function
BrowserDlgDownload Function
BrowserDlgDownloadCancel Function
BrowserDlgSetButton Function
BrowserDlgSetText Function
BrowserDlgStop Function
BrowserDlgVerifyDownloadSize Function
BrowserDoubleClick Function
BrowserExecuteJavaScript Function
BrowserFileDownload Function
BrowserFind Function
BrowserFindAll Function
BrowserFormSubmit Function
BrowserForward Function
BrowserGetActiveWindow Function
BrowserGetIEMode Function
BrowserGetOption Function
BrowserGetProperty Function
BrowserGetScrollPos Function
BrowserGetStandardHost Function
BrowserGetText Function
BrowserGetUrl Function
BrowserHighlight Function
BrowserIgnoreServerError Function
BrowserImportCertificate Function
BrowserLinkSelect Function
BrowserListBoxMultiSelect Function
BrowserListBoxSelect Function
BrowserMouseMove Function
BrowserNativeClick Function
BrowserNativeDoubleClick Function
BrowserNativeMouseMove Function
BrowserNavigate Function
BrowserPause Function
BrowserRadioButtonSelect Function
BrowserReload Function
BrowserReplayCompatibility Function
BrowserReset Function
BrowserSetAuthentication Function
BrowserSetBrowserType Function
BrowserSetCertificate Function
BrowserSetDomainSuppress Function
BrowserSetIEMode Function
BrowserSetOption Function
BrowserSetPassword Function
BrowserSetProperty Function
BrowserSetReplayBehavior Function (deprecated)
BrowserSetScrollPos Function
BrowserSetStandardHost Function
BrowserSetText Function
BrowserScreenshot Function
BrowserStart Function
BrowserStop Function
BrowserStore Function
BrowserTtiIncludeElement Function
BrowserTypeKeys Function
BrowserUnhighlight Function
BrowserVerifyProperty Function
BrowserVerifyText Function
BrowserWaitForDisappear Function
BrowserWaitForNewWindow Function
BrowserWaitForProperty Function
GetInternetExplorerInfo Function
Database (DBMS) Functions
High-level Interface
Medium-level Interface
Native-level Interface
ODBC Functions Overview
Oracle API Functions Overview
Oracle 8 API Functions Overview
Connect, Authorize, and Initialize Functions
Handle and Descriptor Functions
Placeholder Binding Functions
Parameter Binding Functions
Result Set Definition Functions
Statement Processing Functions
Data Fetching Functions
Transaction Functions
Miscellaneous Functions
LOB Functions
Error Handling Functions
General Information About Oracle and OCI
Oracle 8 Data Types
Binding Setting Functions
Result Set Functions Overview
ERP/CRM Functions
Remedy Functions Reference
SAP Functions
Low-Level Functions
Connection and Session Functions
Control Functions
SapGuiWindowAction Function
SapGuiWindowResize Function
SapGuiSetActiveWindow Function
SapGuiCalendarFirstVisibleDate Function
SapGuiCalendarFocusDate Function
SapGuiCalendarSelectInterval Function
SapGuiGetComboBoxEntry Function
SapGuiContextMenuSelectItem Function
SapGuiContextMenuSelectItemByText Function
SapGuiContextMenuSelectItemByPosition Function
SapGuiGridDblClickCurrentCell Function
SapGuiTreeExpandNode Function
SapGuiGetActiveWindowTitle Function
SapGuiGetCalendarFocusDate Function
SapGuiGridClick Function
SapGuiGridClickCurrentCell Function
SapGuiGridContextMenu Function
SapGuiGridCurrentCellPressButton Function
SapGuiGridCurrentCellPressTotalRow Function
SapGuiGridDblClick Function
SapGuiGridGetColumnTitles Function
SapGuiGridModifyCheckbox Function
SapGuiGridPressButton Function
SapGuiGridPressColumnHeader Function
SapGuiGridPressToolbarButton Function
SapGuiGridPressToolbarContextButton Function
SapGuiGridPressTotalRow Function
SapGuiGridScrollToRow Function
SapGuiGridSelectCell Function
SapGuiGridSelectContextMenu Function
SapGuiGridSelectToolbarMenu Function
SapGuiGridSetCellData Function
SapGuiGridSetColumnWidth Function
SapGuiIgnoreError Function
SapGuiPressButton Function
SapGuiPressToolbarButton Function
SapGuiPressToolbarContextButton Function
SapGuiSelectComboBoxEntry Function
SapGuiSelectMenu Function
SapGuiSelectRadioButton Function
SapGuiSelectTab Function
SapGuiSelectToolbarMenuItem Function
SapGuiSelectToolbarMenuItemByText Function
SapGuiSelectTopNode Function
SapGuiSendVKey Function
SapGuiSetCheckbox Function
SapGuiSetFileName Function
SapGuiSetFocus Function
SapGuiSetOKCode Function
SapGuiSetText Function
SapGuiTableGetRadioValue Function
SapGuiTableGetRows Function
SapGuiTableGetRowSelected Function
SapGuiTableGetRowCount Function
SapGuiTableGetText Function
SapGuiTableGetColumns Function
SapGuiTableGetColumnCount Function
SapGuiTableIsCheckboxChecked Function
SapGuiTablePressButton Function
SapGuiTableSelectComboboxEntry Function
SapGuiTableSelectRadioButton Function
SapGuiTableSelectRow Function
SapGuiTableSetCheckbox Function
SapGuiTableSetFocusCell Function
SapGuiTableSetText Function
SapGuiTreeChangeCheckbox Function
SapGuiTreeClickLink Function
SapGuiTreeCollapseNode Function
SapGuiTreeDblClickItem Function
SapGuiTreeDblClickNode Function
SapGuiTreeDefaultContextMenu Function
SapGuiTreeGetColumnCol Function
SapGuiTreeGetColumnHeaders Function
SapGuiTreeGetColumnNames Function
SapGuiTreeGetItemText Function
SapGuiTreeGetNodeChildrenCountByPath Function
SapGuiTreeGetNodeKeyByPath Function
SapGuiTreeGetNodesCol Function
SapGuiTreeGetNodeText Function
SapGuiTreeGetNodeTextByPath Function
SapGuiTreeGetParent Function
SapGuiTreeGetSubNodesCol Function
SapGuiTreeHeaderContextMenu Function
SapGuiTreeItemContextMenu Function
SapGuiTreeNodeContextMenu Function
SapGuiTreePressButton Function
SapGuiTreePressHeader Function
SapGuiTreePressKey Function
SapGuiTreeSelectColumn Function
SapGuiTreeSelectItem Function
SapGuiTreeSelectNode Function
SapGuiTreeSetColumnWidth Function
SapGuiTreeSetHierarchyWidth Function
SapGuiTreeUnselectAll Function
SapGuiTreeUnselectColumn Function
SapGuiTreeUnselectNode Function
Logging Functions
Parsing Functions
SapGuiGetOkCode Function
SapGuiGetStatusBarText Function
SapGuiGetStatusBarType Function
SapGuiGetText Function
SapGuiIsCheckboxChecked Function
SapGuiIsRadioButtonSelected Function
SapGuiIsTabSelected Function
SapGuiGridGetCellData Function
SapGuiGridGetColumnCount Function
SapGuiGridGetColumnName Function
SapGuiGridGetColumnOrder Function
SapGuiGridGetCurrentCellColumn Function
SapGuiGridGetCurrentCellRow Function
SapGuiGridGetRowCount Function
SapGuiGridGetSelectedCells Function
SapGuiGridGetSelectedColumns Function
SapGuiGridIsCheckboxChecked Function
SapGuiObjectFree Function
SapGuiObjectGetBoolean Function
SapGuiObjectGetCollection Function
SapGuiObjectGetControlId Function
SapGuiObjectGetLong Function
SapGuiObjectGetProperty Function
SapGuiObjectGetPropertyBoolean Function
SapGuiObjectGetPropertyLong Function
SapGuiObjectGetObject Function
SapGuiObjectGetPropertyObject Function
SapGuiObjectGetString Function
SapGuiObjectGetType Function
SapGuiObjectSetBoolean Function
SapGuiObjectSetLong Function
SapGuiObjectSetObject Function
SapGuiObjectSetProperty Function
SapGuiObjectSetPropertyObject Function
SapGuiObjectSetString Function
SapGuiIteratorFetchNext Function
SapGuiObjectInvokeMethod Function
SapGuiIteratorHasMore Function
SapGuiIteratorRelease Function
SapGuiIteratorGetCount Function
SapGuiIteratorGetObject Function
SapGuiIteratorGetObjectAt Function
SapGuiIteratorGetValue Function
SapGuiIteratorGetValueAt Function
SapGuiGetCollection Function
SapGuiGetComboboxEntries Function
SapGuiGetHandleFromControlId Function
SapGuiGetPropertyCollection Function
Verifying Functions
Siebel Functions Overview
PeopleSoft Overview
Internet Functions
Handling Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
WebAddToHNC Function
WebRemoveFromHNC Function
Settings Functions Reference
FTP Functions Reference
HLS Functions Reference
JSON Functions Reference
LDAP Functions Reference
MAPI Functions Reference
MMS Functions Reference
POP3 Functions Reference
Radius Functions Reference
SMTP Functions Reference
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Extensions
TCP/IP Functions Reference
Web TCP/IP Functions
Web Telnet Functions
UDP Functions Reference
Web Functions Reference
Document Cache Emulation
General Web Functions
Browser Settings
Low-Level Web Functions
Page-Level Web Functions Overview
Asynchronous Communication Functions
Page Statistic Functions
Cookie Database Functions Overview
Parsing Functions
Response Verification Functions
MMS Functions
XML Functions Reference
Java Framework Functions
JMS Functions Reference
Monitoring Functions
.NET Framework Functions
GUI-Level Testing Functions
Terminal Services Functions
Citrix Functions Overview
Connection Functions
Mouse Functions
Keyboard Functions
Window Functions
Synchronization Functions
General Functions
.NET Testing Support
.NET Explorer Help
Tools and Samples
Silk Performer .NET Framework
Tour of the UI
Setting Up .NET Explorer Projects
Setting Up Tests
Animated Runs
Analyzing Results
Configuring Option Settings
Exporting Projects
Command Line Execution
.NET Framework Developer Guide
Tools and Samples
Silk Performer .NET Framework
Load Testing .NET Components
Testing .NET Services
Development Workflow
Writing a .NET Test Driver
BDL Code Generation Engine
Testing Your .NET Test Driver
Testing Web Services With Microsoft Visual Studio
Testing with .NET Explorer
Available BDL Functions for .NET Interoperability
Testing SOAP Web Services for .NET
Java Testing Support
Java Explorer Help
Tools and Samples
Testing Java Components
Tour of the UI
Setting Up Java Explorer
Setting Up Tests
Animated Runs
Analyzing Results
System and Project Settings
Exporting Projects
Java Framework Developer Guide
Testing SOAP Web Services for Java
TrueLog Explorer 21.0
Getting Started
TrueLog Explorer Overview
What You Can Do with TrueLog Explorer
Tour of the UI
Best Practice Use of TrueLog Explorer
Understanding TrueLog
Analyzing Tests
Working With Silk Performer
TrueLog Explorer for Silk Test
Sample Applications
Customizing Session Handling
Adding Verifications
Customizing User Data
Working With Database Applications
Working With XML Applications
Working With SAPGUI Applications
Working With Oracle Forms Applications
Working With Citrix Applications
Working With TCP/IP and UDP-Based Applications
Working With Terminal-Emulation Applications
Working With AJAX-Enhanced Web Applications
Customizing TrueLog Explorer
Performance Explorer 21.0
Getting Started
Results Analysis
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitoring Technologies
Monitoring Data Sources
Predefined Data Sources
Custom Data Sources
Automatic Detection of Data Sources
Monitoring Load Tests
Monitor Charts and Monitor Writers
Host Data
Converting Data from CSV to TSD
Built-In Measures
Command Line Parameters
Customizing Visualization
Contacting Micro Focus