Terminal Emulation Support

Silk Performer’s support for terminal emulation applications enables the recording of terminal-emulator traffic based on the Telnet protocol (“green screen” applications). Supported terminal types include VT100 and VT200 (UNIX, IBM AS400) and IBM mainframes accessed via TN3270(E) & TN5250.

A prerequisite for recording terminal-emulator traffic is an installed terminal-emulator for accessing host applications, while the recorder records the telnet traffic which results. Many such emulators are available on the market (for example, Rumba).

Note: For additional details regarding Silk Performer support for terminal emulation applications, please see Miscellaneous Tutorials, a PDF that accompanies your Silk Performer installation at Documentation > Tutorials.

Script Customization

For terminal-emulation script customization details, please see TrueLog Explorer Help.

Testing IBM Mainframe Protocols

The Host Screen Info page of terminal emulation TrueLogs offers controls for all fields and statuses that appear in recorded and replayed screens. These controls offer easy access to field-value and value-status parsing/verification functions.

IBM terminals rely on EBCDIC code pages that vary based on locality. Silk Performer chooses an EBCDIC code page among the code pages installed on the system. If national language characters are not displayed correctly it is possible to change the code page during project configuration.

IBM code pages control translation of human-readable ASCII input data (for example, search parameters) into and out of binary hexadecimal representation. This translation process facilitates script customization.