Recording Terminal Emulation Applications

  1. Click Model Script on the workflow bar. The Workflow - Model Script dialog box appears.
  2. From the Recording Profile menu tree, select your terminal-emulation recording profile.
  3. Enter the location of your terminal-emulation application in the Command line field.
  4. Click Start recording. The Silk Performer Recorder dialog opens in minimized form, and the client application starts.
  5. Using the client application, conduct the kind of interaction with the target server that you want to simulate in your test. The interaction is captured and recorded by the Recorder. A report of your actions and of the data downloaded appears on the Actions page.
  6. When recording is complete, close the application, close the recorder, and save the test script.
  7. To confirm that your test script runs as expected, execute a Try Script run in animated mode; you will then be able to view the results of the test run in TrueLog Explorer.