SAPGUI Test-Script Customization

After you generate a test script with Silk Performer and execute a Try Script run, TrueLog Explorer can help you customize the script with the following:
  • Content-verification functions – Using the Add Verifications tool, you can gain insight into data that is downloaded during tests, enabling you to verify that the content that is to be sent by the server is in fact received. Verifications remain useful after system deployment for ongoing performance management.
  • Parsing functions – TrueLog Explorer allows you to insert SAPGUI parsing functions visually in Source view and on the Controls page. Manual code writing is not required; TrueLog Explorer automatically generates parsing functions in scripts.
  • Parameterized input data – With user data customization, you can make your test script more realistic by replacing static user-input data with dynamic, parameterized data that changes with each transaction. Manual scripting is not required to create these data-driven tests.

For each SAPGUI function call that changes input data, you can verify return values, parse values, and customize input data. These operations can be executed from both Source view (by right-clicking within a control) and the Controls menu tree.