Working with Secure Web Service Calls

To execute Web service calls over a secure connection, ensure that you have created a truststore for your JDK and that you have configured the Java Explorer Runtime process to use a truststore.

Note: Use Apache Axis 1.4 or later to test secure Web services.

To configure Java Explorer to use Apache Axis:

  1. Click Tools > Project Settings.
  2. Click the Web Service Plugin tab.
  3. Select Axis 1.4 or Axis2 1.5 from the Assigned Web Service Plugin list box.
    Note: The read-only Classpath pane displays the classpath configuration that belongs to the selected Axis version.
    The selected Axis version is stored persistently in the project file of Java Explorer.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you want to change the Web service library settings.